Conduit supports importing and syncing your emails from Gmail. Our Gmail support extends to Google Apps as well.

  • See emails in context: Emails appear on Intelligent Timeline and are contextualized to other events on the timeline.
  • Personal Graph integration: If the sender or a recipient is one of your contacts, we'll automatically detect and match the email to the contact.
  • Contextual filtering: We automatically skip 90%+ of emails that are bulk, irrelevant, or sensitive.
  • Open in inbox: Click a button to open the message back in your Gmail inbox.


Frequently asked questions

How does contextual filtering work?

Less than 10% of emails we receive are important and relevant. The Sync Engine has a contextual filtering system, which will automatically ignore--

  • Bulk email, like newsletters and marketing emails.
  • Service-related emails and notifications.
  • Automatic replies from "out of office" responders.
  • Emails that we deem private, which includes those related to billing and medical matters. (We are working to expand this category.)

Are there limitations on what emails are synced?

Yes. During the Conduit pilot, we only sync emails back through January 1, 2017.

How long does the initial import take to complete?

The initial import is slow and may take several hours because Conduit needs to avoid overloading Google's servers.

After the initial import, Conduit will sync any new emails and changes as they happen.

Does Conduit read my emails?

Conduit employees cannot directly access any personal data from your account, including emails you import. Additionally, the Sync Engine's access to your email account is read-only and can be revoked through Conduit or through Google at any time.

Does Conduit sync email bodies?

Yes. Conduit syncs email subject lines, bodies, and the people in the From; To; CC; and, if you send the email, the BCC field.

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