We care deeply about privacy. With GDPR, nothing changes: Conduit continues to work the same way, with the same safeguards and policies we've had all along.

Does Conduit comply with GDPR?

Conduit complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union's new privacy law.

Where is my data being stored?

In the United States, on GDPR-compliant Google Cloud servers.

Where is my data being processed?

In the United States, on GDPR-compliant Google Cloud servers.

What third parties have access to my data?

  • Private data you add to your account is not accessible by any third parties.
  • If you sync or connect information from an external service, remember to review the GDPR provisions of the external service: Google, Microsoft (Outlook/Office 365

If you are signed into Conduit, certain external services have access to basic account information and software diagnostic information:

  • Intercom, which provides support messaging capabilities in case you need to contact our team. Intercom has access to basic account information, such as your name and email address.
  • Sentry, which provides our engineering team context when problems arise. When an error occurs, Sentry automatically shares some information-- such as the browser you use and where in our code the problem occurred. Private information is automatically redacted from Sentry.

In what way is my data being used?

To provide you the Conduit service. We do not sell your data to third parties.

Where can I find more information about Conduit's privacy policy?

You can find Conduit's privacy policy here.


Exporting your data

If you'd like to request a GDPR-compliant export of your data, you should contact us at [email protected] to initiate your request.

We may request additional information to verify your identity. We may take up to several weeks to respond to your request.

What kind of data would be included in the data export?

Your account export would include--

  • Data for contacts, interactions, and other information you've connected
  • Data we have processed from your imported data sources
  • Technical information related to your account, including basic account information
  • Access and diagnostic information regarding feature access and use

While account exports are delivered in .csv format, the export is for compliance purposes only. The data will be raw, it cannot be re-imported into Conduit, and you might not be able to import it successfully into another service.

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